What do we want to achieve?

Dornieden Anlagentechnik GmbH is an innovative company in the field of specialized machine-tool manufacturing.
We want:

  • To develop the specialized machine-tool manufacturing field based on our knowledge and interest in engineering design.
  • To develop the best customized solutions and integrate them into existing production structures, in accordance with the customer’s design specifications, if necessary.
  • To guarantee our clients competitive advantages in the international market.
  • To provide a workplace for our employees that meets all competence requirements, and to maintain long-term working relationships with them.

What is the basis of our philosophy?

The main component of Dornieden Anlagentechnik GmbH’s activities is the client's needs. The basis of our work is open and trusting cooperation.

Due to our professional competence, reliability, trust, flexibility in our relationships with our customers, and timely project implementation, our clients always remain satisfied with the results.

The use of relevant technologies and advanced manufacturing methods is a key to the success of our equipment’s compliance with high engineering standards.

Highly educated and satisfied employees are not only an end in and of themselves, but also the basis for our successful business.

We want to use the strong points of each individual person, and we promote and activate their existing potential to achieve common production goals.

Basic Principles/Strategy

How do we achieve our goals?

We strictly adhere to all laws and technical regulations.

We respect our employees and clients.

We adopt a responsible approach to the concept of "for the benefit of mankind."

We want to develop a corporate management culture and be responsible for staff development.

Environmental protection, safety, and quality are the essential keys to success and are the principles of our corporate management culture.

We want to make this culture "more alive.”

"The past must be a springboard, not a sofa”
Harold Macmillan, First Earl of Stockton, British Prime Minister (1957 to 1963).